‘Top scorer’ Jooyoung Lee: “I am confident because I prepared hard”

‘Effort never betrays.’ Jooyoung Lee (22, 183cm) of Chung-Ang University believed in the sweat she had shed.

 Lee Joo-young had a practice match with Ulsan Hyundai Mobis at Yongin Hyundai Mobis Gymnasium on the 13th. He did not get discouraged against professional seniors and showed his own style of play.

Lee Joo-young, a fourth-year student, is now leaving the college stage she has become so attached to. On the 7th, he ended his four-year college league career with the quarterfinals of the KUSF University Basketball U-League against Sungkyunkwan University. Lee Joo-young’s expression looked sad as he looked back on his four years of college life.

Jooyoung Lee said, “My goal this season was to do my best. He wanted to make it a memorable season, and he is proud to have achieved that goal. He wants to say thank you to his juniors and teachers. “Thanks to you, I think we will get good results, so I really want to say thank you,” he said.

Lee Joo-young, who is ahead of the 2023 KBL Rookie Player Draft, participated in the 2023 Rookie Player Draft Combine held at the KBL Center on the 12th. A total of 13 events were held at the combine. The more desperate you are about your goal, the more regret you feel rather than satisfaction with the result. The same was true for Jooyoung Lee.

Lee Joo-young said, “I was familiar with the sports since I did them at the KBL camp I participated in when I was in middle and high school. So I think he rather enjoyed it. He did his best, but I can’t say he’s satisfied because he seems to have gotten average grades. “I think he could have done more especially when jumping, but that part is a bit disappointing,” he said.

Jooyoung Lee is one of the players who is certain to be selected in this draft. Predictions about his ranking vary, but not many think he will not be selected. Lee Joo-young’s biggest advantage is his scoring ability.

Lee Joo-young has explosive power to the point where he was the top scorer (18.5 points) in the college league this season. Not only does he have a shooting ability that is recognized as top-tier in the college league, but he is also excellent at making instantaneous breakthroughs thanks to his stocky physique. Lee Joo-young’s scoring ability, both inside and outside, was one of the most powerful weapons that Chung-Ang University had this season.스포츠토토

However, Lee Joo-young also has one ‘Achilles heel’. It is the ability to manage the game. Lee Joo-young, who is short (183cm) to play as a shooting guard on the professional stage, is preparing to change position to point guard. Lee Joo-young, who often played as a point guard in the college league this season, showed his inexperience in game management. Because expectations were high for him due to his excellent scoring ability, the disappointment with his performance in the game became even greater.

Lee Joo-young was also aware of his own shortcomings and was working hard to improve them. He confidently said, as always, that he could overcome it with effort.

Jooyoung Lee said, “I’m always studying by watching a lot of basketball game videos. He is trying to remember and supplement the parts pointed out and informed by the teachers. “I think he will get better even if he goes pro, if he asks a lot of questions and learns from his older brothers and works hard,” he said.

Lastly, “I have been preparing hard to become a professional since I was young. She is confident because she prepared hard. “I will try to show a good performance,” he said, expressing his determination for the professional stage.

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