“Thorough safety management from the starting line to the finish line”

“The police will take responsibility for safety and order so that the Dong-A Ilbo Gongju Baekje Marathon can be held successfully.”

Park Jong-min, head of the Gongju Police Station in South Chungcheong Province (pictured), said in an interview with the Dong-A Ilbo on the 14th, “We will do our best to ensure that this competition remains a festival that promotes the health of participants and friendship in the local community.”온라인바카라

The police prepared special traffic management measures ahead of the marathon. 66 police officers, including the Gongju Police Station and support company, and 95 volunteers, including exemplary drivers, the Military Police Association, the Autonomous Crime Prevention Unit, and the Marine Corps Comrades Association, are scheduled to be deployed at a total of 77 locations on the marathon course. Chief Park said, “In particular, we will ensure safety by deploying personnel at major intersections such as Jeonmak Intersection and Oin Intersection.”

The police plan to sequentially control the marathon course from Baekje Main Road to Oin Intersection in Uidang-myeon from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the 17th, the day of the race. Chief Park said, “We have prepared thorough traffic management measures to ensure that all marathon participants from all over the country can reach the finish line safely.” He added, “I hope that you will enjoy Gongju, where 1,500 years of history and brilliant cultural heritage are alive through the Gongju Baekje Marathon.” He said.

Chief Park, who took office at the end of July this year, also expressed his determination to “become a Gongju police officer faithful to the basics.” He said, “‘Basics and principles’ are values ​​that all police officers must adhere to,” and added, “We will proudly carry out our duties on the side of citizens, fairly and consistently, and while maintaining neutrality, in accordance with laws and principles.”

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