“Hit it in front of your will”… Will the 23-year-old promising large infielder wake up Doosan from the crisis of failing to advance to the semifinals?

“When times are bad, the atmosphere can suddenly turn around if new and young players come out one by one.”

Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop plans to test the value of infielder Park Ji-hoon (23) in the game against Jamsil KIA Tigers on the 7th. Park Ji-hoon will start as the third hitter and first baseman on this day. On October 24, 2021, he had the opportunity to make his second professional debut after playing against the LG Twins in Jamsil (9th batter, right field).

Doosan has Soo-bin Jeong (center fielder) – Jae-ho Kim (shortstop) – Ji-hoon Park (first baseman) – Eui-ji Yang (catcher) – Jose Rojas (left fielder) – Seok-hwan Yang (designated hitter) – Gyeong-min Heo (third baseman) – Gye-beom Park (second baseman) – Cho The starting lineup was drawn up with performance (right fielder). The starting pitcher is Wonjun Choi.

Kim Jae-hwan, who had recently performed poorly at the plate, was excluded from the starting lineup, giving Park Ji-hoon the responsibility of third hitter and first base defense, and starting first baseman Yang Seok-hwan was given the designated hitter duties. Since the opposing starting pitcher is left-hander Yang Hyun-jong, there is also a hidden intention to place more right-handed hitters instead of Kim Jae-hwan.

Coach Lee said, “Park Ji-hoon has a good swing. The players who are often starting now are not getting results. When things are not going well, if new and young players come out one by one, the atmosphere can suddenly turn around. I can’t guarantee that they will hit well or not. “No, it’s a difficult time when a young player goes out, but I also thought that he could show a good performance,” he said, explaining the background to giving Park Ji-hoon the opportunity.

Park Ji-hoon made a mark by appearing as a substitute in the Jamsil KIA game on the 6th and scoring the team’s only RBI. In the bottom of the 9th inning, when the team was down 0-7, Park Joon-young provided an opportunity with one out and a runner on second base with a single and a stolen base, and Park Ji-hoon hit a timely double to the left fielder to make it 1-7. Even in a situation where the ball count was 1-2, he chose one ball and targeted the slider on the 5th pitch. Doosan wasn’t enough to overturn the result of the game, but thanks to Park Ji-hoon, they avoided the humiliation of losing.

Coach Lee said, “Just because (Park Ji-hoon) hit one hit yesterday doesn’t mean he goes out as the third hitter. There weren’t many players who went out as the third hitter and consistently showed good performances. This means that once he goes out, he should hit in front of (Yang) Will.” He explained.메이저사이트

Park Ji-hoon graduated from Masan High School and wore a Doosan uniform as the 49th pick in the 5th round of the 2020 2nd rookie draft. From the time he joined the team, he was evaluated as having the potential to grow into a large infielder, but since there was no time to squeeze in the starting infielders right away, he had to resolve the military issue first. After completing his active-duty military service and being discharged last June, he is using this year as a season to build his body. He only played three games for the first team this season.

Coach Lee hoped that Park Ji-hoon would take advantage of the opportunity that came during the team’s crisis. Doosan has recently suffered two consecutive losses and remains in 6th place with a season record of 55 wins, 56 losses, and 1 draw as of the 7th. The gap with the 5th place KIA Tigers has widened to 4 games, putting them at a disadvantage in the battle for the semifinals. Park Ji-hoon, a rookie, may not be able to lead a huge turnaround alone, but he is hopeful that he can be a small spark that ignites a frozen batting lineup.

Coach Lee said, “I felt that he was a player who hit well enough during practice. If he shows good performance, there may be another opportunity. I hope he can seize the opportunity today. I saw him follow the ball until the end after 2 strikes yesterday, so I am looking forward to the player’s future. “I hoped that Park Ji-hoon would fully realize his potential.

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