A 19-year-old rookie with a talent for failing to meet with Japanese national team member Ishikawa is disappointed. “I was curious about how he was good at many things… ”

Lee Ye-eun (19), a rookie of the Korea Expressway Corporation, vowed to show her strengths.

Lee Ye-eun said ahead of the practice match against the Toray Arrows of the Japanese V. League held at the Toray Arena in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan on the 31st of last month, “I first searched for the Toray team after hearing that I was going to Japan,” and added, “I need to know what kind of team it is so I can prepare well and focus more.” I thought I could do it. “I looked for it to win,” he said.

Lee Ye-eun, who made her professional debut at the Korea Expressway Corporation in 2022, this is his first field training. He said it was also his first visit to Japan. Wouldn’t he have been excited about the training schedule going abroad? Lee Ye-eun said emphatically, “I didn’t look for travel or other information at all. Since I came here for the purpose of exercising, I focused on looking into that.”

What was Toray like when he actually came to Japan and encountered it? Lee Ye-eun said, “Before I came, I was expecting a lot because it was a very strong team. However, Toray also fell short of expectations, perhaps because there were many young players. Still, they are friends who have built up the basics step by step since they were young, so they are more technical than in Korea.”먹튀검증

In particular, Yeeun Lee regretted the absence of Mayu Ishikawa (Florence), the Japanese national team member. Ishikawa was the top scorer in Japan’s V-League last season, and declared a challenge to the Italian stage after the season.

Lee Ye-eun said, “He is short, but he jumps well and is an excellent player in all areas, including offense, defense, receiving, and serving. He wondered how he could do well in many ways, but it’s really disappointing.”

Lee Ye-eun appeared like a comet in last season’s championship match. At the time, Korea Expressway Corporation was on the edge of a cliff after being pushed by Heungkuk Life Insurance by 2 losses. Lee Ye-eun, an 18-year-old rookie, was put into the second set of the third game and scored two points with a bold serve. Lee Ye-eun’s serve turned the tide of the game and eventually changed the entire series.

Lee Ye-eun said, “Honestly, I didn’t think I would be entering at all, so I wasn’t nervous.” “There must be a reason the director put me in, so I just thought I’d live up to that,” she smiled. He continued, “I honestly thought it was a little too much.” I feel like I got involved in what the unnies did well.”

Coach Jong-min Kim said of Ye-eun Lee after the 3rd round of the championship game, “She is a player who has ‘braveness’ and is expected.” Lee Ye-eun said, “Ever since I was young, I heard stories like ‘You have a different cotyledon.'”

Regarding Park Eun-ji (19), a freshman who is evaluated for her similar personality, Lee Ye-eun said, “(Park) Eun-ji is not. he hasn’t grown up yet I’m real, and he’s a fake (fake).”

Lee Ye-eun, who is now preparing for the new season, also revealed her determination to show more of her strengths to her fans. Lee Ye-eun said, “Actually, I am confident in defense and receiving, but I think I did not show that well during the Cobo Cup.”

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