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Tottenham is close to signing a 16-year-old Croatian star prospect… Will he join in two years? 

Tottenham Hotspur’s signing of 16-year-old Croatian star prospect Luka Buskovic is imminent. He is not expected to join right away.

European soccer transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on his SNS on the 25th (Korean time), “Tottenham has completed an agreement to recruit Luka Buskovic. The contract is complete. The best 16-year-old center back will join Tottenham in 2025. “We plan to do it,” he said, providing exclusive news.

Buskovic is a promising player from Croatia. Even at the young age of 16, he has already made his debut in the Croatian Professional League. He has a decent physique of 193cm, and even at his young age, he received a lot of attention for his calm play and stable appearance.

As he is a top center back prospect, he has received interest from several clubs. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) came forward to recruit him, but Buskovic hoped to go to Tottenham. British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 25th, “Manchester City offered Buskovic an additional amount of 10 million euros and 2 million euros last March. However, Buskovic only wanted to join Tottenham.”먹튀검증

There were also reports that Buskovic could be recruited instead of sending Ivan Perisic. Croatian media outlet ‘tportal’ claimed that Tottenham could include Perisic in a deal to sign promising Croatian defender Luka Buskovic. The media said that if the deal goes through, Perisic will leave Tottenham in the winter transfer window held in January. Perisic is currently confirmed to be out for the season due to a cruciate ligament injury.

There has been no further news of a connection between Buskovic and Perisic, but it has been reported that even if he completes his contract, he will have to wait two years to join. The reason is ‘Brexit’. British media ‘Football London’ said, “Buskovic will join Tottenham in 2025. As stated on the English Football Association (FA) website, according to FIFA regulations, England will join the European Union (EU) through Brexit. “Withdrawal from the UK means clubs in the UK cannot sign players under the age of 18.”

There was no possibility at all. The media said, “The FA has made significant changes in this summer’s transfer market. If an elite player (ESC) has made a significant sporting contribution to each country, he or she can be considered an ESC and receive a work permit. Of course, this also varies depending on each club. “Although the allocation is limited, Buskovic has experience playing for the Croatian national youth team and has also participated in the UEFA Youth League, so there is a possibility that the transfer can be completed before 2025.”

However, if Romano’s report is true, Buskovic is expected to be able to play for Tottenham as an adult when he turns 18.

‘Seo Myung-jin’s 11 points’ 3×3 national basketball team wins for the first time by defeating Iran in the first game of the group stage

 The Korean 3×3 men’s basketball team declared victory in the first game of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (AG).

Korea defeated Iran 21-12 in the first game of Group B of the men’s 3×3 basketball tournament held at the Deqing Basketball Court in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 25th.

Korea was tied in Group B with Japan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Maldives in this tournament. Among them, the first place in the group will advance directly to the quarterfinals, while the second and third place will compete for a place in the quarterfinals through a playoff.

Korea, which unfortunately ended up with a silver medal at the 2018 Jakarta/Palembang Games, is aiming for a gold medal in this tournament and got off to a good start with a win in the first game.메이저놀이터

In Korea, Seo Seong-jin (Hyundai Mobis) led the attack with 11 points. Lee Won-seok (Samsung), who became a hot topic by giving a 6th grade elementary school student and national skateboarding team member Moon Kang-ho (12) a ride on a neckcart at the opening ceremony, also added 6 points.

Korea gave up the lead early in the game, trailing 4-6, but caught up with the score at 6-6 thanks to Seo Myung-jin’s breakthrough and Lee Won-seok’s free throw score.

Afterwards, Seo Myeong-jin’s 2-point shot and Lee Won-seok’s free throw tied the game up at 9-8. The national team, which had won, continued to attack and ran away to 18-11.

Korea, which maintained stable performance until the end of the game, ultimately won by 9 points.

Korea is scheduled to play the second match against Maldives on the 27th.

Yang Yong ranks 7th in the ‘Top 10’ of the season

‘Son of the Wind’ Yang Yong-eun succeeded in making the ‘top 10’ for the 7th time this season at the PGA Tour Champions, which is open to players over 50 years of age.

Yang Yong-eun recorded 2 under par 70 strokes with 1 bogey and 3 birdies in the 3rd round on the final day of the Pure Insurance Championship held at Pebble Beach Golf Links (par 72) in California, USA on the 25th (Korean time). Yang Yong-eun, who recorded a total of 9 under par 207 strokes, finished the tournament in a tie for 5th place with Stephen Alker (New Zealand).

Yang Yong-eun, who has not yet won the Champions Tour, has continued to perform well and has successfully surpassed the $1 million mark in season prize money by earning $1,001,853, including prize money from this tournament. He also maintained 15th place in the Charles Schwab Cup rankings, which qualifies him for the Champions Tour Tournament.토토사이트

Choi Kyung-ju, who became the first Korean to win the PGA Tour Champions at this tournament in 2021, finished the tournament in a tie for 17th place with a total of 5 under par and 211 strokes. Still, Choi Gyeong-ju maintained his 13th place in the Charles Schwab Cup rankings, bringing his season prize money to $1,021,159.

The winner was ‘Thai veteran’ Thongchai Zaidi. Zaidi entered the overtime match with Justin Leonard (USA) with a total of 14 under par and 202 strokes, and made par in the fourth game of the overtime to beat Leonard, who committed a double bogey. Zaidi won his second career win after winning the American Family Insurance Championship last year.

No.10 Maddison compared to Modric… “The difference maker, possession of the ball and set piece”

Tottenham Hotspur has secured a commander who knows how to make a difference.

Harry Redknapp, who was also the manager of Tottenham, praised James Maddison, who has been playing as Tottenham’s new number 10 starting this season. Redknapp, who can read the entire history of Tottenham, praised Maddison, saying, “He knows how to make a huge difference, just like Glenn Hoddle, Paul Gescoigne, and Luka Modric.”

In an article he contributed to the British media ‘The Sun’ on the 24th (Korean time), Redknapp said, “People talk about the ‘Tottenham Way’. But it can only be achieved if there are players who know how to play like that,” and “Tottenham last season was “There were a lot of workers in midfield but no one who could hold the ball and control it. Maddison came in and changed everything.”스포츠토토

In fact, Maddison is proving he has what it takes to become Tottenham’s new ace. He is seen as the second coming of the playmaker he has been looking for since Christian Eriksen (Manchester United) left.

Maddison joined Tottenham and is leading an undefeated streak in the English Premier League, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists in 6 games. Maddison is cited as the factor that allowed Tottenham, who had been counterattacking with defensive moves for a long time, to take possession of the ball and focus on attack.

In particular, he scored 1 goal and 2 assists in August alone and was selected as Player of the Month by the Premier League Secretariat. When Maddison started playing right away, the British media ‘Guardian’ said, “Madison will likely be the best signing. Tottenham invested wisely in Maddison, who is guaranteed to score goals and assists.”

Madison’s price is not very expensive. Unlike the players’ sky-high value, Maddison’s transfer fee is a relatively cheap 40 million pounds (about 65.4 billion won). While bringing in Maddison from Leicester City, Harry Winks was transferred to Leicester for 10 million pounds (about 15.4 billion won), which also had the effect of reducing the transfer fee.

Redknapp also believes that Maddison is a good fit for Tottenham. He said, “When I was at Birmingham City, I played against Maddison, who played for Norwich City. At that time, I told Maddison, ‘He is a different class. You have to play at the highest level.’ Now, Maddison has become a big fish and has come to Tottenham. He supported, “He is the main character, catches the ball and takes charge of set pieces.”

Jeong Seon-min-ho, ‘enemy in the unified team of North and South Korea’, enters the finals from the 27th

 Seon-min Jeong is about to face the final battle. 

The women’s basketball team, led by coach Jeong Seon-min, will enter the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games starting with a match against Thailand on the 27th. Korea is in Group C of the group stage and will meet Thailand on the 27th, North Korea on the 29th, and Taiwan on the 1st of next month. 

Recently, women’s basketball has had difficulty expanding its base and was unable to qualify for the Paris Olympics by finishing 5th in the FIBA ​​Asia Cup. We are determined to bounce back in this tournament and increase the popularity of women’s basketball. 

At the previous Asian Games in Palembang, Jakarta, the women’s basketball team played as a single team with North Korea. At that time, the Korean players were the main players, and North Korea’s Roh Suk-young and others joined and won a silver medal. Now the two sides face each other again as enemies. 안전놀이터

Coach Jeong Seon-min, who was a superstar during his playing days, leads the team, and Choi Yoon-ah becomes the coach and assists him. The team also selected key players from WKBL, including the returning Park Ji-su, Kim Dan-bi, Kang I-seul, Park Ji-hyun, Shin Ji-hyeon, and Lee So-hee.

Jeong Seon-min is scheduled to leave for Hangzhou today (24th). 

Lim Seong-jae joins the Golf Avengers: “The time has come to sweep gold.”

In sports, it is difficult to guarantee victory, but in golf it is especially difficult. This is a sport where it is common for the winner of the previous competition to be cut short in the next competition. However, men’s golf at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games is different. Domestic and foreign experts have no hesitation in selecting Korea as the winning team in the men’s team event. I am confident that a Korean athlete will also win the individual gold medal. This is because Korea is forming an ‘Avengers’ team consisting of Lim Seong-jae (25, photo), Kim Si-woo (28), Jo Woo-young (22), and Jang Yu-bin (21).

‘Iron Man’ Seongjae Lim is a player at the forefront of Korean golf at the Asian Games. Among the participating players, the world ranking (27th, as of the 24th) is the highest. Seongjae Lim is also confident of winning. In a recent phone interview, he said, “(Kim) Si-woo and I, who are wearing the Taegeuk flag together, said, ‘The time has come.’” He added, “I will aim to win not only the gold medal in the team event, but also the gold medal in the individual event.”

There are a total of four gold medals at stake in the Asian Games, including the men’s and women’s individual event and the men’s and women’s team event. In the team competition, rather than being played separately, the medal color is determined by adding up the performances of the top three out of four players from each country. Korea is a country that has won the most gold medals, with 13, in golf, which has been an official sport since the 1982 New Delhi Asian Games, but suffered the humiliation of ‘no gold’ at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games.

But this time the story is different. Unlike the previous tournament where professional players were not allowed to participate, starting from this tournament, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), which organizes the Asian Games, allowed up to two professional players from each country to participate in consideration of box office performance.

Thanks to this, they have become a team that has no rival in terms of name value alone. Seongjae Lim and Siwoo Kim not only played on the PGA Tour, but also went to the Tour Championship, where only the world’s best players gather. Among the Asian Games participants, only two people are in the top 100 in the world rankings: Lim Seong-jae and Kim Si-woo (40th).

In addition, Wooyoung Jo and Yubin Jang, both amateurs, have already won one game each on the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour. They are top-level players on the professional stage, but they only postponed turning professional in order to participate in the Asian Games. Lim Seong-jae, who met with juniors at the screen golf competition last week, said, “I’m glad that not only (Kim) Si-woo, but also (Cho) Woo-young and (Jang) Yu-bin are in good condition,” and “I think I just have to do well,” he said, laughing.스포츠토토

Seongjae Lim’s condition has also improved. At the beginning of the season, he often missed the cut (six times), but he improved his condition from the middle of the season and ended the season by finishing in the top 10 nine times and advancing to the Tour Championship (24th place) for the fifth consecutive year. Seongjae Lim explained, “The quality of the shot itself was not bad, but it lacked sharpness.” He added, “As a result of the analysis, the position of my right arm was much higher in the setup position, so when I held it, I immediately regained the feeling of my old shot.”

The likely competitor is India. Anirban Lahiri (36) and Shubhankar Sharma (27), who each have two wins in the European Tour (DP World Tour), are holding on. The Thailand of this year’s Shinhan Donghae Open runner-up, Pachara Kongwatmai (24), is also considered Korea’s competitor.

The variable is that the competition will be held at the West Lake Global GC in China, which the players have never experienced before. China has so far not allowed players from other countries to tour the course in advance. Seongjae Lim only experienced this course through the screen golf competition last week. Seongjae Lim said, “There was no hole that I thought was noticeably difficult or special for screen golf,” but added, “Due to the nature of the tournament being a one-game match, the pressure is different from a regular tour tournament.”

The Asian Games’ rule of allowing only house caddies from golf courses is also a burden on players. However, Lim Seong-jae emphasized, “I don’t have high expectations from my caddy in this tournament,” and “I will not let down my guard until the end and do my best to bring home the gold medal.”

 ‘Despite being rocked by a strong serve’, 35th-ranked Korea lost 2:3 to 22nd-ranked Colombia for their 5th consecutive loss in the tournament.

Korean women’s volleyball performed well with a strong serve, but unfortunately lost to Colombia.

The Korean women’s volleyball team (ranked 35th in the world), led by coach Cesar Hernández González, set a set against Colombia (ranked 22nd in the world) in the fifth match of Group C of the final qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics held at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, Poland on the 22nd (Korean time). They lost with a score of 2-3 (12-25, 25-14, 25-20, 20-25, 9-15).

Korea recorded its 5th consecutive loss. We won 1 point, making it 2 points, but we had to swallow our disappointment right before victory. On the other hand, Colombia recorded 1 win and 4 losses, succeeding in its first win of the tournament.

For Korea, Kang So-hwi scored 14 points, Park Jeong-ah and Lee Han-bi each scored 13 points, Park Eun-jin 11 points, Jeong Ho-young 9 points, Pyo Seung-ju 6 points, and Lee Sun-woo 4 points. They were equal in attack scores, 56-59, and were ahead in serve scores, 7-5, but were pushed back to 8-13 in blocking. Colombia led the way to victory with Amanda scoring 25 points, Carina scoring 23 points, and Diana scoring 21 points.

South Korea’s starters included aposite spiker Lee Han-bi (4), outside hitters Kang So-hwi (2) and Pyo Seung-ju (5), middle blockers Jeong Ho-young (3) and Park Eun-jin (6), setter Kim Da-in (1), and libero Kim Yeon-gyeon. .

Colombia’s apogee spiker Diana (6), outside hitter Amanda (1) and Karina (4), middle blocker Maria (2) and Cielia (5), setter Alejandra, and libero Juliana stepped on the court first.

1 setAt the start, Chung Ho-young’s quick attack was blocked and Korea got off to a difficult start. Lee Han-bi and Pyo Seung-ju’s attacks were successful, and she seemed to be continuing the close match at 5-6, but she gave up consecutive goals due to strong attacks from her opponents Karina and Diana.

The score became 7-9 due to an error in the opponent’s serve, but Korea then conceded 10 consecutive goals and took the lead. Hoyoung Jeong touched the net, and her opponent Karina’s powerful back attack could only be watched.

Korea managed to escape from 7 points thanks to Lee Seon-woo’s hard hit to the right. Kang So-hwi showed strength with a left-handed strike. However, Kim Ji-won’s error increased the score to 10-22. Korea ended the first set by diversifying its attack with Lee Seon-woo’s back attack score. The score was 12-25.

2 sets . Korea appointed Park Jeong-ah as a starter. Park Jung-ah collided with an opposing player while crossing the court to save the ball. The referee recognized this as a defensive interference and declared Korea to score.

Korea took an early 3-1 lead due to consecutive mistakes. Korea’s 4-2 lead continued with a challenge on Park Jung-ah’s touchout score. Hanbi Lee continued the trend with a serve. Park Eun-jin’s central attack hit the empty space on the opponent’s court. Korea increased its lead to 6-2.

Lee Han-bi’s strong serve ultimately resulted in the opponent making a mistake. The opponent broke the flow with operational time, but Korea escaped with Lee Han-bi’s rearguard strike after defending. The rally that followed was Hanbi Lee’s serve. The electronic scoreboard indicated 8-2. It was the complete opposite of the first set. With Park Jung-ah’s touchout score added, Korea ran away with a 10-2 lead.

Korea took a 10-point lead at 14-4 thanks to Park Jeong-ah’s left hard hit, Park Eun-jin’s serve, and Kang So-hwi’s direct kill. Kang So-hwi exploded with a left strike after the opponent’s operation time and put 15-4 on the electronic scoreboard.

Korea took a 17-5 lead due to Lee Han-bi’s strike at the center back, followed by a mistake in the opponent’s attack, and as their reception stabilized, they even took advantage of Jeong Ho-young’s fast attack. Hoyoung Jeong clenched his fists as he scored a blocking goal.

Korea took a 22-9 lead thanks to Park Jeong-ah’s touch-out score followed by Park Eun-jin’s blocking score, and took the game back to square one by winning the set with Kang So-hwi’s two left-hand blows and Lee Han-bi’s finishing score. The score was 25-14.

3 sets . Korea started off with a 3-2 lead early in the set thanks to Park Jung-ah’s hard hit. As Colombia responded with Carina’s goal, Korea took a 5-4 lead thanks to Park Eun-jin’s blocking score and the opponent’s antenna touch error. Hoyoung Jeong continued the trend with a blocking score.

Kang So-hwi successfully made a set play to make it 7-4. It was an attack that brought the flow. Lee Han-bi’s left hard hit and Kang So-hwi’s serve brought the score to 10-7. Afterwards, Korea allowed a one-point lead due to Park Jeong-ah’s attack error and opponent Laura’s serve score, but found comfort by taking a 12-9 lead thanks to Lee Han-bi’s two hard hits.

With Park Jung-ah’s clever scoring and Kim Da-in’s blocking scoring, Korea took a 5-point lead at 15-10. However, the team faltered after conceding three consecutive goals.

After the operation time, Korea ran away again with Park Jung-ah’s left strike. Ho-young Jeong scored a blocking point, and Eun-jin Park cheered with a sub-score. The score became 19-14. So-Hwi Kang scored after three hard attempts and took a 20-15 lead.

Korea took a 23-19 lead thanks to Park Eun-jin’s central score. As Colombia closed in on Amanda’s hard hit, Korea closed out the set with goals from Park Jeong-ah and Park Eun-jin. The score was 25-20.스포츠토토

4 sets . Korea was down 3-5 in the first half. When Kang So-hwi’s left attack was blocked and the score reached 4-7, Korea began to turn the tide with operation time. Kang So-hwi led the chase with a paint score. Ho-young Jeong announced the 6-7 pressure with a time-lag attack.

Korea balanced the score at 11-11 with a strong strike following Lee Han-bi’s clever scoring. However, in the rally, they conceded 3 goals in a row and the trend shifted to Colombia. Diana and Amanda’s attacks sparked fire. Diana’s hard hit was added, and the score became 14-20.

For Korea, Jung Ho-young’s quick attack was successful, but Kang So-hwi’s subsequent attack was out. Korea, who managed to make up one point thanks to Lee Han-bi’s touchout score, moved up to 17-21 with Park Jeong-ah’s touchout score.

Afterwards, Korea succeeded in scoring consecutive goals with Lee Han-bee’s central score following Kang So-hwi’s sharp serve. Kang So-hwi cheered as a sub ace. The gap narrowed to 19-21. Colombia scored an extra point with Amanda’s back attack. Korea trailed 20-22 thanks to Jeong Ho-young’s fast attack. It was a close race.

However, at a critical moment, Jung Ho-young’s serve was out and he swallowed his disappointment. Park Jeong-ah’s subsequent attack was also blocked. Colombia won the set with Amanda’s back-end feint.

Last 5 sets . Korea deployed Lee Seon-woo. Seonwoo Lee scored first with a hard hit. Korea took a 3-2 lead thanks to a serve following Jung Ho-young’s hard hit. Kang So-hwi scored a touchout to give the team a 4-2 lead. Park Eun-jin’s clever scoring brought the score to 5-2. Korea succeeded in taking the lead.

Eunjin Park added an additional point through net play. However, Kang So-hwi’s left hard hit went out, and the score became 6-5, a one-point difference. Colombia succeeded in turning the score around 7-6 with Amanda’s left hard hit followed by Carina’s serve ace. In Korea, Kang So-hwi tried to make a comeback, but was blocked by the blocking wall.

Colombia took a 9-6 lead thanks to Amanda’s hard hit. After the opponent’s serve error, Korea tried to counterattack, but were unable to block Amanda’s left strike. Amanda scored again to make it 11-7.

Korea moved up to 3 points thanks to Lee Seon-woo’s hard hit. Park Eun-jin’s serving order was an opportunity to chase, but the opponent succeeded in side-outing with Amanda’s hard hit. Korea’s reception was shaky and they conceded a point.

At 8-13, Korea swallowed their disappointment as even Lee Seon-woo’s rearguard hit was out. Hanbi Lee scored from the left, but that was it. Korea had to be satisfied with 1 point.

Korea is aiming for its first win in the sixth game of the tournament against Thailand on the 23rd.

The United States has an advantage of 4 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses on the first day of the Solheim Cup… First step to regaining the championship trophy after 6 years

 The United States took the first step toward reclaiming the trophy for the first time in six years by gaining an upper hand on the first day of the Solheim Cup, a golf competition against Europe.

The United States recorded 4 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses on the first day of the tournament held at Finca Cortesin (par 72) in Casares, Spain on the 22nd (local time), taking a 5-3 lead in points.

In the Solheim Cup, held every two years, the United States is ahead with a record of 10 wins and 7 losses. However, they lost in the last two competitions, in 2019 and 2021, and are aiming for their first win in 6 years in this competition.메이저사이트

On this day, the United States won all four games in foursomes (two players taking turns hitting one ball).

Lexi Thompson and Megan Kang won by two strokes over Maya Stock and Lynn Grant with one hole remaining.

‘Korean duo’ Daniel Kang and Andrea Lee won by one hole over Celine Boutier and Georgia Hall, and Nelly Korda and Allison Corpus also defeated Leona Maguire and Anna Nordqvist by one hole.

Allie Ewing and Cheyenne Knight won a complete victory over Charlie Hull and Emily Pedersen by 5 strokes until the 14th hole.

In the following four-ball (reflecting the good performance of both players after the game with their own balls), the United States showed an inferiority with 2 draws and 2 losses.

Thompson-Lilia Vu lost to Maguire-Hall, and Angel In-Ewing lost to Carlotta Ciganda-Grant.

Rose Jean-Caen was unable to compete with Gemma Dreiberg and Madeleine Saxstrom, and Jennifer Kupcho-Coppers was unable to compete with Pedersen and Stock.

The Solheim Cup determines the winning team by adding up the results of the three days, and foursomes and fourball games are held on the second day as well. On the third and final day, all 12 participating players compete in single match play.

“I think it’s unfortunate” Director Ryu Joong-il explains the background to Lee Ui-ri’s exclusion

Coach Ryu Joong-il, who leads the Korean national baseball team, revealed the reason for ‘Lee Ui-ri’s exclusion’.

Before the national baseball team’s first training session at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 23rd, Coach Ryu said, “It is unfortunate that Lee Ui-ri was eliminated a day before the convocation.”

At the same time, “The national team trainer continued to check for Lee Ui-ri’s blister 15 days ago. I saw it in person when Lee Ui-ri returned to the Hanwha match in Daejeon on the 21st. “Your perspective may be a little different, but that day, he checked the condition of the blister before throwing and the condition of the blister after throwing.”

He continued, “Lee Ui-ri is a player who should play as a starter in the games against Japan and Taiwan. However, I was wondering whether I would be able to handle 70 to 80 pitches with this blister condition. In the end, he has to play the role of starting pitcher. “I thought Lee Ui-ri couldn’t throw more than 80 pitches, so he decided to replace me,” he explained.

The day before, the KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) and the Korea Baseball Softball Association announced, “We have determined that Lee Ui-ri, who is recovering from a finger injury, will have difficulty performing at his best during the Asian Games.”

Lee Ui-ri took the mound against Hanwha on the 21st, but due to poor ball control, he collapsed after allowing 5 runs in 1.1 innings and came off the mound in the middle of the 2nd inning. National team coach Ryu Joong-il also watched this game from the field. On the surface, the reason was injury, but recent unstable performance seemed to be the decisive reason for replacement.

Lee Ui-ri (first round pick), who won the 2021 Rookie of the Year Award, is expected to be the future left-handed ace of the KBO League. He also gained experience in international competitions as a member of the national team at the Tokyo Olympics last year and the World Baseball Classic (WBC) earlier this year. He maintained his spot in the starting rotation this season with 10 wins, 7 losses, and an ERA of 4.47 in 24 games. In the first half, he cruised to 7 wins, 5 losses, and an ERA of 3.82, but in the second half, he was unable to show off his skills to the fullest due to injuries.토토사이트

On the 22nd, he felt shoulder pain while allowing 2 runs in 4 innings against Suwon KT Wiz, and on the 9th, after returning from a break, against the LG Twins, he suffered blisters on his fingers. He returned after recovering from two injuries, but it appears that he failed to convince national team coach Ryu Joong-il. Lee Ui-ri’s three starts in September were not good, with one loss and an ERA of 11.42.

However, Lee Ui-ri and the KIA team reacted by saying that they could not understand the KBO’s decision to exclude him from the national team the day before the convocation, saying that he had recovered from an injury so he appeared in the game the day before and was again diagnosed as not injured. Lee Ui-ri, who dropped out of the race due to poor physical condition, is scheduled to pitch in the double header next Wednesday.

Following Koo Chang-mo (26, NC Dinos), Lee Ui-ri has been replaced, and there is no left-handed starter in the Asian Games national team. Regarding this, Coach Ryu said, “Goo Chang-mo and Lee Ui-ri are the best left-handed pitchers in Korea, but it is true that we are in trouble because they are missing. “There are no left-handed starters, but I think right-handed starters Kwak Bin and Park Se-woong will do well because they have faced many left-handed batters in the league.”

Meanwhile, the baseball team, which departs for Hangzhou on the 28th, will begin its journey for the gold medal against Hong Kong in the group stage on October 1st. The next day, on the 2nd, they will play against Chinese Taipei, and then on the 3rd, they will face a weak team that came through the preliminary round. The top 1 and 2 teams from each group in the preliminary round will advance to the super round, and the top two teams with the overall score of the preliminary round and super round will advance to the finals and compete for the gold medal.

Kim Joo-young, who became the ‘Danyang Thais(?)’ “My brothers told me to only do things with confidence” 

Kim Joo-young, the unexpected protagonist who is filling the vacancy of Thais Dull host, revealed his affection for his older brothers.

KEPCO is entering the 2023 pre-season men’s professional volleyball tournament, which is being held in Danyang from the 17th to the 21st, without a single foreign player. This is because main gun Thais Dull Horst will not be able to join the team until early October due to the 2023 European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Men’s Championship and 2024 Paris Olympic qualifiers.

Of course, KEPCO is not the only team playing without foreign players in competitions held before the V-League. However, the reason why KEPCO attracts special attention is because the main character who filled Tice’s vacancy is the setter. Setter Kim Joo-young, born in 2004, is taking the place of Thais in this preseason competition, taking advantage of his experience as a wing striker until his high school days. They are active as the so-called ‘Danyang Thais.’

Kim Joo-young, who met with after the game against Hyundai Capital on the 19th, said, “It was difficult to play as a striker at first, but my older brothers told me to do it with confidence because I can make mistakes, so I think I can do it with ease little by little.” He expressed his feelings about being active as a member of ‘Thais’. When asked if he had a confident play and role model as a striker, he answered, “I am confident in my fast attack, and as a striker, Korean Air (Jeong) Ji-seok is my role model.”메이저사이트

I was also curious about Kim Joo-young’s most confident play and role model as a setter, his main position. Kim Joo-young said, “As a setter, the play I am most confident in is the back C pass. My role models are my team’s (Ha) Seung-woo and (Kim) Gwang-guk (laughter). He answered, “I want to learn the fast speed of a back C pass from Seung-woo, and from Gwang-guk, I want to learn the know-how to shoot a forward C pass without holding the second step.”

Ryohei Iga, Kim Joo-young’s roommate and who joined KEPCO in the Asia quarter this season, said, “Kim Joo-young is the player I became closest to after coming to Korea. He once told the story, “It’s like he’s a cute little cousin.” Kim Joo-young said, “Both (Ryo) Hei and I were stay-at-home moms, so we didn’t go out much. Then, the first time we went out together was when I asked him to go out to eat together. “After eating together, Hei asked me to go to Lotte World, so we went together,” he said, sharing a story about the fun off-season with Ryohei.

When asked about the difference between the professional and amateur stages, Kim Joo-young replied, “There are many players who are older and have a long career, so the overall atmosphere is a bit different.” When asked if he felt a generational difference with his seniors on the team, Kim Joo-young did not hesitate for 0.1 second and answered like a machine, “Ah.” “I don’t feel it,” he said, making people laugh. “His debut season was crazy,” he said. He continued to feel discouraged. He added, “I think this season is much better, including the team atmosphere.”

Kim Joo-young concluded the interview by saying, “During the off-season, the players prepared a lot to win the championship. “I hope our fans enjoy this season and support us hard,” he said, welcoming the fans to the new season. What stories will be filled with the second season of the Danyang Thais, who are doing their best regardless of their position during the off-season? KEPCO’s fans are ready to watch and support his growth.