“You get stronger in extreme situations”… ‘Woo-hyeon Second Coming’ Hyundai Steel, 11 consecutive losses in the dramatic regular league ‘golden achievement’

Incheon Hyundai Steel dramatically achieved 11 consecutive victories in the ‘Hyundai Steel 2023 WK League’.

In the women’s unemployment soccer WK League, Hyundai Steel is the ‘absolute leader’. Hyundai Steel, which boasts a lineup with national team-level resources, did not miss the regular league championship from 2013 to last year.

The same goes for the championship match, which went directly to first place in the regular league. In the last five years, Gyeongju KHNP threatened its position as it came up, but it was Hyundai Steel that lifted the championship trophy. Anyway, winning is an abbreviation for Hyundai Checheol, ‘Uh Woo-hyeon’ is not a word that came out for nothing.

This season has been a bit lackluster. Until last season, he showed off the aspect of an ‘absolute powerhouse’ by achieving an unprecedented ‘integrated 10 consecutive losses’ throughout the ball game, but was anxious in the beginning. There were many times when it was not possible to form elite members due to the selection of the national team and injuries. Hyundai Steel, which was running at the top of the regular league, was nowhere to be found. In the 3rd to 6th rounds, Suwon FC Women (0-1), Hwacheon KSPO (0-2), Sejong Sports Toto (1-2), and Gyeongju KHNP (1-2) lost in a row, winning four consecutive losses.

At one time, it was placed in the awkward position of ‘fifth place’. In the meantime, Suwon FC and Hwacheon KSPO competed for the lead.

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However, it gradually turned on the stretch. Hyundai Steel, which ended its losing streak with a draw with Seoul City Hall in the 7th round and ran for 5 consecutive wins and accumulated points without a ‘loss’, has settled into the top ranks.

On the 29th, the long-awaited final match of the WK League regular season was held. 3rd place Hyundai Steel (39 points) faced 7th place Seoul City Hall (21 points), and 1st place Hwacheon KSPO (40 points) faced 2nd place Suwon FC (39 points). Even if Hyundai Steel won, if Hwacheon KSPO defeated Suwon FC, a come-from-behind victory was impossible. In addition, if Suwon FC won, it was a situation where we had to compare the goal difference and the number of goals scored.

Hyundai Steel seized the opportunity to win early. Starting with Jang Seul-gi’s opening goal in the 47th minute of the first half, Jeong Seol-bin’s multi-goal, Son Hwa-yeon, Jang Seul-gi, and Choi Yu-ri scored consecutively in the second half to win 6-0.스포츠토토

The match between Hwacheon KSPO and Suwon FC was fierce. Hwacheon KSPO took the lead with Moon Eun-joo’s goal in the 23rd minute, but Suwon FC’s Moon Mi-ra equalized in the 37th minute. And six minutes later, they even managed to turn the corner, and seemed to be getting closer to the championship. However, in the 23rd minute of the second half, Hwacheon KSPO Lee Soo-bin scored an equalizer and the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

Hyundai Steel, which accumulated 42 points, won the regular league championship for 11 consecutive years. Hyundai Steel director Kim Eun-sook said, “I told you not to rush it. Anyway, the opportunity came, so I said let’s grab it. We felt again that we become stronger when we come to extreme situations. heaven helped It was rather thrilling in the part that no one expected our victory,” he said with a smile.

Now is the postseason. In November, Hwacheon KSPO and Suwon FC, who placed 2nd and 3rd in the regular season, will play a playoff match. The winner faces Hyundai Steel, who went directly to the championship match, for the championship cup, going back and forth between home and away.

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