‘As expected, money is the best’ Crazy annual salary of ‘Spain’s biggest prospect’ who went to Saudi Arabia, earns 14.3 billion a year!

Gabri Beiga, who shook off Naples’ attention and went to Saudi Arabia, will receive a huge salary.

French media ‘French Football Weekly’ said on the 27th (Korean time), ‘Gabri Beiga will receive a huge salary increase after joining Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli. Beiga reports that he will receive 30 million euros (approximately 42.9 billion won) for a three-year contract in the Arab world.’

Veigar is an all-weather midfielder who can play as a central, flanking, and attacking midfielder. He has good fundamentals, good ball control, and great off-the-ball movement, so he has a very aggressive nature.스포츠토토

Veigar made his debut for Celta Vigo in 2020 and has been a regular since the 2022/23 season as a substitute for Bryce Mendes. He showed great performance as a starter and recorded double-digit attack points, and several big clubs sent love calls due to his performance.

Since March, several top teams such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​etc. have been attached and have actually pushed for a transfer, but no team has been able to pay his expensive transfer fee. Napoli have been actively sticking since August, and according to Romano on August 12th, the relationship between Celta Vigo and Napoli is almost over.

However, Al Ahli, who was targeting Napoli’s Zielinski, jumped at Veigar immediately after Zielinski announced that he would stay and paid Veigar’s buyout. Napoli offered 36 million euros (approximately 51.6 billion won) and an annual salary of 2.2 million euros (approximately 3.1 billion won), but Saudi Arabia offered a buyout of 40 million euros (approximately 57.3 billion won) and eventually succeeded in recruiting.

The choice was met with mixed criticism from Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos, who also played in Spanish La Liga, and the salary made Veigar more than the top midfielders in the world.

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