5 consecutive losses’ manager Sutton applauds Wilkerson’s 7 innings, 1 earned run…”Good pitch to win” Thumbs up! 

Lotte coach Larry Sutton looked back on the match against KT on the 25th and praised starter Aaron Wilkerson for his good pitching.

Wilkerson, who was on the starting mound, kept the mound until the 7th inning, giving up only 2 runs (1 earned run), showing his full pitching. He became a losing pitcher because the batting line was silent, but it was a pitch that was not lacking in applause.

Manager Sutton, who met with reporters ahead of the game on the 26th, said, “Wilkerson showed a good pitch that could bring victory yesterday. But he didn’t get any scoring support and didn’t get the win, but he executed his plan well on the mound, especially commanding all pitches.”안전놀이터

Wilkerson, who joined as a substitute for Dan Straley, is 2-1 with a 1.96 ERA in 6 games this season. Coach Sutton said, “It is not easy to join the team during the season and show a good performance, but confidence is the most important among various factors. He knows what kind of pitcher he is and what is possible.”

He continued, “He knows how to throw the ball well, and he knows how to throw the ball as a pitcher, not just as a thrower. He can put it in and take it out when he wants. He is a player who can read opponents’ swings, turn his plans into performance and make adjustments during the game.”

Out of 5 consecutive losses, the batting line couldn’t play its role. In response, Sutton said, “I order the players to ‘always keep it simple’. When the hitting feeling is good, I have confidence as planned, but if not, the hand comes out easily even with a bad ball.” He also said, “Especially when it’s bad, in 0B-1S or 1B-1S situations, even if you take one strike, you have to wait for it to come into the zone you want before hitting it.

The starting lineup consisted of right fielder Yun Dong-hee, second baseman An Chi-hong, left fielder Lee Jeong-hoon, designated hitter Jeon Jun-woo, first baseman Ko Seung-min, third baseman Gudrum, shortstop No Jin-hyeok, catcher Jeong Bo-geun, and center fielder Ahn Kwon-soo. ‘Glasses ace’ Park Se-woong will be on the starting mound.

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