Is it just gorgeous? He also has the skills… Athletics world championship record

There is an athlete who is praised for being the most attractive athlete and criticized for being gorgeous. America’s most popular track and field athlete has set a new world record.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


Wearing different hair for each race, long artificial nails, jewelry on the forehead, and a uniform with a mesh covering the whole body, it looks difficult to walk, but you are the first to cross the finish line.

Richardson, who was on a winning streak with unconventional fashion, was evaluated as ‘the most attractive since Bolt’.메이저사이트

[The only ‘track icon’ Florence Griffith Joyner has a record faster than Richardson.]

Abandoned by her mother and even making extreme choices in high school, Richardson, who found hope in running, was selected as a national team member for the Tokyo Olympics and tested for marijuana in a drug test. The ingredient was detected, so I couldn’t participate in the competition, and it seemed to go downhill after that.

Today, however, Richardson, who started the race wearing ordinary clothes, was a bit different from usual, and changed the world championship record with an explosive spurt, perhaps relieved of the pressure.

It was a record against the criticism that it was ‘just gorgeous’.

[Shacari Richardson/2023 World Championships 100m Gold Medal (USA): Don’t give up, don’t be fooled by the media, and don’t be swayed by other people’s evaluations. Your destiny can only be defined by yourself.]

Woo Sang-hyeok, a high jumper who passed the qualifying round and reached the finals of the World Championships for the second time in a row, will challenge for his first gold medal tomorrow morning.

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