Only cleans without willingness to concede Lee Kang-in to Hwang Seon-hong-ho… Appointment of Son Heung-min as captain of Tottenham “Proud thing”

Director Jurgen Klinsmann was embroiled in controversy because he spent more time abroad than at home.

A leadership controversy followed him with a winless run of four matches after his debut.

Although the materials such as Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, and Lee Kang-in are excellent, it is pointed out that they are not properly harmonized.

Director Klinsman, who recently met with the domestic media via video, is said to have traveled back and forth between his home in LA and Ireland because of the contracted schedule before taking office in Korea.

“After returning to the United States, I went to Dublin, Ireland for a week because I had a schedule before signing the contract with the Football Association, and while I was there, I also watched the opening game between Brentford and Tottenham. “

He was criticized for leaving domestic players to Cha Doo-ri as an advisor and not properly monitoring them, but he insisted that he was sufficiently monitoring them in the dark.

“I went and watched the U-League as well as K-League 2 and (FC Seoul Youth) Osan High School matches. In Korea, advisor Cha Du-ri and Coach Michael Kim are watching. Prepare. When the season is over, we are planning to train mainly for domestic players.”

It is known that he is walking a parallel line with coach Hwang Seon-hong, who is preparing for the Asian Games in Hangzhou with the selection of A-match players in September.

Lee Kang-in, Hong Hyeon-seok, and Park Kyu-hyun expressed their intention to actively utilize the resources on board Hwang Seon-Hong for the A-match in September.

“(Lee Kang-in) thinks he will play an A match in September and join the Asian Games national team. After the A match, the Asian Games will start. “메이저놀이터

The Asian Games are competitions with Korean characteristics, such as military service benefits, and coach Klinsman is well aware of this nature, but the idea that the top team, the A national team, is the priority, has not changed.

“(The two teams’ schedules) do not overlap. Even if Lee Kang-in is selected, he can play in the group stage. After joining the A national team, he can go immediately. I am worried about the week after the A match (between the opening of the tournament).”

On the other hand, Son Heung-min, who captained Tottenham, and Kim Min-jae, who transferred to Germany’s most prestigious Bayern Munich, were praised.

“Son Heung-min’s appointment as Tottenham captain is something to be proud of. It’s an honor and Son Heung-min himself sees it as a result of his hard work. He is the face of Korean football. I am proud of him and I want him to show good performances.”

Coach Klinsman, who protested that having to work in Korea is a stereotype but a misunderstanding caused by a different way of working, emphasized that he is also a workaholic and wants to see the changing national team.

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