nothing to show So much to show!… ‘Misaeng’ Choi Yo-han’s challenge to ‘complete life’

The fact that I have a short pitch can be my strength.”

The voice of KB Insurance middle blocker Choi Yo-han (23), who is about to start the second season, was full of confidence. He turned his weaknesses into strengths, revealing his strong aspirations that he had only things left to show in the future.

Choi Yo-han, who has an attractive height of 199 cm, entered the path of a volleyball player in the second year of high school later than others. Afterwards, he showed rapid growth and entered Joongbu University, and was nominated by KB Insurance as the 2nd pick in the 4th round in the rookie draft last year and entered the professional stage.

Choi Yo-han, whom we met on the 18th in Donghae, Gangwon-do, where KB Insurance’s off-season training was in full swing, said, “I was far from sports before becoming a volleyball player. “I took a lot of training as I started late compared to other players. It was difficult to follow the training in the beginning because I lacked basic stamina.

During his high school days, Choi Yo-han, who had experienced ankle surgery while training excessively, erased the word of giving up from his mind in order to achieve the goal he had set.

So far, the goal has been achieved smoothly. Choi Yo-han, who aimed to go to college when he started playing volleyball, adjusted his goal to advance to the pros after entering Joongbu University. And this too has been accomplished.

Choi Yo-han said, “Honestly, at the time of participating in the draft, I was confused about whether I could get the nomination from the club, what to do if I didn’t get it, and whether I could do well if I got the nomination.” When my name was called in the 4th round, I was overjoyed,” he explained.

The professional stage you’ve been dreaming of. However, the reality was not so rosy. In the college league, Choi Yo-han showed off his pure offense by playing an active role as a starting player, but the wall he faced in his professional career was higher than expected.

Choi Yo-han said, “I was very confident in my offense, with a quick break success rate of over 80% in the college league. Blocking wasn’t bad either,” he said.

He added, “Due to a hand injury during the season, he did not have enough time to get in touch with the players. Also, when the opportunity came, he did not seem to show his ability properly, so it is regrettable.”

Although he has good fast-breaking ability, Yohan Choi is criticized for his lack of blocking compared to his height. He cited his strengths and weaknesses in his short pitch.

Choi Yo-han said, “The downside is that I’m not good at playing due to my short command,” but “I think there are many things I haven’t shown yet because the learning period is short. The lack of data about me is also a weapon. I don’t know how to deal with him, so I think I’ll be able to play with more confidence.”스포츠토토

He is the eldest of 2 boys and 1 girl, Choi Yo-han. His younger siblings are also walking the path of volleyball players. His younger brother, a senior in high school, is playing volleyball at Seongji High School, where Choi Yo-han came out. In the case of her younger sister, who is in elementary school, she is about to transfer to a school in the metropolitan area with a volleyball team.

Parents came out as strong support so that all three siblings could focus only on volleyball. In particular, their mother follows them to their volleyball game and spares no effort in cheering and encouraging them.

Choi Yo-han said, “My parents supported us a lot.

Choi Yo-han, who scored only two goals in three matches in the regular league last season. Now, I am determined to create my own opportunities to participate and not to waste the opportunities I have come for.

He emphasized, “I want to show a lot better than last season. The reason why I couldn’t play a lot is because I was lacking. I will try to create opportunities and if they come, I will definitely show a different look.”

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