Promotion of handball professionalization, ‘difficulty’ due to suspension of participation of 8 men’s and women’s teams

While Korean handball is rushing to launch the existing unemployed league into a professional league, difficulties are expected as more than half of the male and female unemployed teams express their intention to not participate or withhold.

According to the domestic handball world and men’s and women’s unemployment teams, the Korea Handball Association established the ‘Handball Pro League (H League) Promotion Committee’ in 2021 to promote handball professionally, and in May, Korea Handball, a corporation dedicated to the professional league, was established. Federation (KOHA) was established. Then, in July, Shinhan Card was chosen as the first title sponsor and a signing ceremony was held to accelerate professionalism.

However, the handball professional league, which was expected to cruise, met a reef. More than half of the 14 men’s and women’s unemployed teams (including the Armed Forces Sports Corps) belonging to the SK Handball Korea League are expressing their intention to suspend their participation in the professional league, raising concerns about becoming a half-professional team.메이저놀이터

In the case of the men’s division, among the six teams, Doosan, a corporate team, and the Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Office are said to have expressed their intention to not participate in or postpone the pro league. It was confirmed that six of the eight women’s teams, including Incheon City Hall, Seoul City Hall, Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation, Gyeongnam Development Corporation, Daegu Metropolitan City Hall, and Samcheok City Hall decided not to participate.

It is pointed out that the policy of non-participation or suspension of these teams was promoted without prior consultation with each club, such as the articles of incorporation and regulations of the Korean Handball Federation and the compulsory provisions of the marketing regulations.

Moreover, it is known that Doosan, the only corporate team other than Cheongju SK Hawks (male) and Gwangmyeong SK Sugar Gliders (female), which are the teams of the president of the Korea Handball Association, did not participate in the federation because of the unilateral promotion of professionalism.

In addition, handball unemployment teams, most of which belong to local governments or public corporations run by local governments, are refusing to promote professionalization without prior discussion, even though various financial difficulties such as additional costs are expected when converting to professionalism. .

Club officials who did not respond to the Korea Handball Federation’s request to join the federation for the launch of the professional league by July 17th met at a hotel in Gwangmyeong at the end of July to reaffirm this position and urged a full review of the launch of the professional league. .

In this regard, an official from the Korea Handball Association said, “It is not that we are launching a professional right away. We are aiming to launch a pro in the mid- to long-term.” Basically, about half of them are members of the federation. The rest also expressed their intention to join, but it is being delayed due to internal procedures and other decision-making.”

The official continued, “Basically, the principle is that all teams participate in the league itself. There is no team that refuses or refuses to participate in the league,” he said. Since the launch of the pros must be approved by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the priority is to run the integrated H-League well.”

Meanwhile, the Korea Handball Association Unemployment Committee has convened a meeting attended by the leaders of the unregistered clubs and the vice president of the Korea Handball Association on the afternoon of the 17th to discuss the issue of not joining the Handball Federation.

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