‘Determination to stay → Accompanying Korea → Notice of release’ Neymar, PSG ‘wasted’…’2-year contract with Al-Hilal imminent’

Is Neymar also heading to Saudi Arabia? Neymar, who wanted to stay, is in danger of leaving instead of Kylian Mbappe, who was likely to extend the partnership.

France’s ‘France 24’ said on the 14th (Korean time), “A source close to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) said that Neymar is linked with Al-Hilal and is no longer included in PSG and Luis Enrique’s plans. Also, Neymar It is reported that direct negotiations are underway between the agent and the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund (PIF).”

Fabrice Hawkins, who belongs to France’s ‘RMC Sport’ and is famous for being a PSG source, said, “Neymar will end his life at PSG. PSG reached a final agreement with Al-Hilal for a transfer fee of 90 million euros (approximately 131.1 billion won) excluding bonuses. Now “Everything will go fast. Neymar will sign a two-year contract after the medical.”

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ also said, “The contract signed between Neymar and PSG for an annual salary of 25 million pounds (approximately 42.2 billion won) has three years left until expiration. He raised the possibility of a surprise transfer.

In 2017, PSG invested a transfer fee unprecedented in football history to recruit Neymar. At that time, the transfer fee of 222 million euros (approximately 323.4 billion won) has not been broken so far.

PSG challenged the ‘Big Year (UCL championship trophy)’ with Neymar. But the bitter failure continues. Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi have also joined, but the same. PSG swallowed regret by drinking high blood in the round of 16 for the last two seasons in a row.

The gaze toward Neymar began to change. Rumors of the release began to circulate from last year. After the contract renewal of Mbappe, it was argued that the salary of the players, which soared, would be reduced by the release of Neymar. Several clubs were mentioned, but none could afford Neymar’s salary.토토사이트

At this time, a love call came from Saudi Arabia, which has recently been sweeping up superstars based on oil money. But Neymar showed his will to stay. ‘Foot Mercato’ said, “Neymar presented a plan for the future. He never lived up to the expectations of the fans. Neymar was pointed out to Kylian Mbappe in terms of behavior as well as frequent injuries. Nevertheless, his contract expires in 2027. I want to continue playing at PSG, which has been automatically extended until 2020.”

According to the media, Neymar said: “I hope to play at PSG (for the upcoming season). I have a contract with the club and so far no one has said anything to me. Even if I am not loved by the fans and players, I will be there.” declared

The ‘MNM line’ was also mentioned. Neymar said: “‘Galacticos’ did not win the UEFA Champions League (UCL). We had a very strong team. Me, Mbappe and Lionel Messi are the best trio in the world, but they were not good. All I wanted to win the game, but sometimes football isn’t fair.”

He also talked candidly about his resolution for the new season. “It’s boring and really inconvenient. It will be very difficult, but I want to go back well. Obviously, the goal is always victory, but I want to play well again. That’s my first goal,” he said, revealing his will to recover his crumpled pride.

That’s how Neymar accompanied PSG and pre-season. In particular, it attracted attention by showing the sweet chemistry with the newly joined Lee Kang-in. The British ‘Sports Bible’ said, “Neymar created a new bromance at PSG. Lee Kang-in, who was recruited from Mallorca, quickly became close with Neymar. It seems that (the bromance) was suddenly replaced after remaining in the show.”

Brazil’s ‘Globo’ also said, “With rumors that Neymar could go to another club, he starts a new season at PSG. Here he has a new love. It’s Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in is Neymar after transferring in July. It appeared frequently on social media.”

The news came that Neymar had been released. ‘The Athletic’ explained, “Neymar is not in PSG’s plans. PSG are trying to move in a new direction with manager Enrique and want to focus on youngsters. Neymar is interested in Al-Hilal, but it may be difficult to transfer him due to the huge salary.” did. ‘RMC Sports’ also said, “Neymar did not attend PSG training and was not invited to the media day for an official photo shoot. Coach Enrique and general manager Luis Campos informed him that he was not looking forward to this season.”

As expected, Neymar was excluded from the list at the time of the opening match against Lorient in the first round of Ligue 1 in France in the 2023-24 season. In the end, the weight is being put on the transfer to Al-Hilal, which has been discussed several times.

On the other hand, Mbappe has overcome expectations and the possibility of remaining has risen again. Global media ‘ESPN’ said, “The source said that Mbappe is discussing a contract extension with PSG and the club is confident that he will stay. He returned to the first team after missing the Asian pre-season tour and opening match against Lorient. “PSG are listening to offers by putting Mbappe on the transfer list after refusing to renew his contract. On Saturday, Mbappe had positive talks with PSG and promised that he would not move as a free agent after his contract expires next summer.” said.

He was the worst case scenario. Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with the transfer market, shed light on the conflict between Mbappe and PSG through social media. Romano said: “The situation is very tense and the club is furious”, “I was surprised by the timing of Mbappe (letter rejecting the renewal)”, “PSG have a contingency plan in case Mbappe leaves”, “The possibility of leaving for free” There is no”, “(Renewal) negotiations were underway (extension refusal), so the leak was not expected,” he explained.

Mbappe, known as the dream club, is predicted to go to Real Madrid. “I didn’t ask him to leave PSG or join Real. He just said he wouldn’t trigger an option to extend his contract until June 2025,” he said in response to the recent controversy. He added, “I’m happy to stay here again next season.” In other words, he insists that he will faithfully comply with the contract signed with PSG until 2024 until the specified period, and will not simply extend the contract.

PSG is in danger of giving Mbappe for free. Instead of extending the contract, which is in fact a stranded atmosphere, they are preparing for release in a hurry. ‘Euro Sport’ predicted that PSG would send love calls to European mega clubs, wanting ‘at least 160 million pounds (about 270.7 billion won)’ for the transfer fee of Mbafe. However, Mbappe wants an astronomical annual salary of 240 million euros (about 349.9 billion won) regardless of which club he joins this summer, so the situation is complicated in many ways.

Al-Hilal, Liverpool, and Chelsea were mentioned, but all were stranded. Some say that Mbappe has already reached a secret agreement with Real Madrid. In the midst of this, Mbappe is still unable to train in the PSG 1st team, and the possibility that he may be absent throughout August has also been raised.

Earlier, ‘ESPN’ said, “Mbappe will not participate in the opening match with Lorient. He has a contract dispute with the club and is not training with first-team players under the management of Luis Enrique. Angjeon, Toulouse and Lens can all be missed.” In fact, Mbappe missed the match against Lorient and watched the game from the stands.

It was reported that such Mbappe returned to the first team after a constructive conversation with the PSG leadership and the possibility of remaining increased. I am looking forward to breathing with Lee Kang-in, who I have not seen yet.

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