Real-time relay comment notice of ‘knife strike’… Professional Volleyball Cup Tournament

Recently, the ‘weapon terrorism’ incident, which is raising anxiety in various parts of Korean society, is spreading to the stadium. A while ago, a notice of terrorism at a baseball stadium was posted and 200 police officers were deployed to the Daegu Samsung Lions Park, followed by a commotion.

The Volleyball Federation released a press release on the 8th and said, “We confirmed various cases of violent crime prevention and other sports leagues that are emerging socially, and strengthened measures for the safe operation of the 2023 Gumi Dodram Cup professional volleyball tournament currently being held.” .토토사이트

This is in response to a notice posted that it will harm the athletes participating in the recent tournament. At around 2:22 pm on the 6th, intimidator A (27, male) posted a real-time comment on the paid sports relay application ‘Live Score’ with the effect of “Today at 20 o’clock at the B team’s accommodation, I will strike a knife.” The Gumi Police Station, which received a report from a user who witnessed the comment, arrested Mr. A in Pohang the day before. Mr. A, who was caught by the police, is said to have stated, “I posted this in a fit of anger because things didn’t go well.”

Team B, who learned about this through the police, immediately contacted the federation, and the federation first recruited security personnel at the stadium to ensure the safety of the athletes. Through urgent consultations with Gumi City, police were also placed at the hotel where the athletes are staying. An official from Team B reported the situation at the time, saying, “Some people remained until the situation was over the next day and continued to check and search at the hotel entrance.”

An official from the federation said, “I felt the need to strengthen safety as notices of weapon riots were posted in the sports world from the 5th.” I have been preparing for it,” he said. Currently, about 20 security personnel on weekdays and 30 on weekends have been put into the cup competition site. Two hours before the start of the game, police personnel will patrol around the stadium.

An official from Team B said, “Immediately after the incident, the team and the players were very anxious, but now they have found stability as the blackmailer was arrested . ” At the club level, we are trying to be especially careful.”

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