“It looked like Park Dong-won was going to hit”: Yoon Kyung-yup’s reconstruction of the 3rd Jamsil Kiwoom game

“It looked like (Park) Dong-won was going to hit”.

LG coach Yim Kyung-yup recapped the game against Jamsil Kiwoom on March 3 and praised Park Dong-won’s celestial shot. Park hit a two-run arch to tie the game in the ninth inning, trailing 4-4.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yup, who watched the game from the team’s dining room after being ejected in the fifth inning for protesting the video review, jumped up from his seat and screamed when Park hit the home run. LG beat Kiwoom 5-4 in the 12th inning of extra innings thanks to Jeong Ju-hyun’s walk-off hit to extend its winning streak to seven games.

Speaking to reporters before the team’s game against Samsung in Daegu on Thursday, manager Yoon Kyung-yup said, “I have faith in the players that they can do it when the opportunity comes, even if I don’t have to tell them. In the past, the coaching staff would set the tone, but now the players do it themselves. Baseball is played by the players. There’s a big difference between having that mentality and not having it.”스포츠토토

Yeom emphasized that it is a courtesy to the fans to give their best until the end. “Regardless of the score difference, you have to do your best until the end. It is natural to do our best for the fans who bought tickets and came to the ballpark,” he said.

“Veteran players like Kim Hyun-soo and Oh Ji-hwan lead the dugout atmosphere well. I think a veteran is another coach. The relationship between the coach and the veteran players is important. If the relationship between the manager and the veteran players is good, even if a crisis does not come, it can be overcome quickly.”

LG will start Lee Ji-gang against Samsung on April 4. “There are a lot of breaks among the bullpen pitchers, and Lee Ji-gang should go as long as possible,” said Yoon Kyung-yeop.

Meanwhile, LG’s batting order is right fielder Hong Chang-ki, second baseman Shin Min-jae, left fielder Kim Hyun-soo, first baseman Austin Dean, shortstop Oh Ji-hwan, third baseman Moon Bo-kyung, designated hitter Lee Jae-won, catcher Heo Do-hwan, and center fielder Park Hae-min.

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